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Nom:mod bspp emergency 4
Format:Fichier D’archive
Système d’exploitation:Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
Licence:Usage Personnel Seulement
Taille:64.4 MBytes

Posté le : 28 novembre This is an another example of the way developers are these days. Quick but easy: At this stage the game is not playable. Wait a few months for updates to come out, and the price will drop aswell.

Long: To the developers; It's a shame how you can bring out a game like that. I ain't being mean or rude against you guys, but it's redicilous how the state of this game is right now. I played multiplayer for 1 hour, and it just shows how horrible optimised it is.

I had to heal and bring someone to the hospital after resquing him from a building, the body dissapeared on my screen and not for the host.

The host had to quit doing what he did to help me out with the wounded person that I couldn't see. We aren't even talking about the controls of the game It's just annoying how you have to control the vehicle.

You have a few burning buildings lining each other. It takes forever to send the firefighter from the first to the second building, Not because he is slow, but because he walks the wrong way and takes a de detour to the next building house.

It annoyed me so much that I shouted at the first person entering my room. Sending a vehicle to the location? Not after the giant tour they take trough the city. It literally gave me suicide attempts after telling an AI for the 20th time where he had to go. Now we are going to talk about the graphics of the game Grapics are amazing, they look cool.

Fire seems nice, if you have it running on ultra. Well, I have the Ik with R9 videocard, and I am proud to run this game on medium. Game looks decent on medium if it was released 5 years ago If there is enourgh fire on medium settings , it makes my PC lagg as hard as"Assassins Creed - Unity" on Ultra settings.

I cried on the release on Unity, but this made me literally die inside. So what should you do as a customer? Run, Run as hard as you can. Don't turn around, there is no way to rescue the 50 euro I invested in this game, and you will lose yours if you do not listen to all the bad reviews of this game. I wasted 2 hours in this game that I will never get back. I suggest you using those 2 hours wisely, and don't put it in this game.





Emergency 4 mod BSPP.