IQUALIF is usefull for all professionals and for business such as call centers, communications and advertising agencies, all marketing professionals and the private or public sector that wish to expand their activities or make themselves known. White scraper versions extract data from individual listings by title, name address, telephone number, average age and collective or individual housing. Yellow extractors allow companies to extract lists by name, address, telephone number, fax, website and email address, where such information is available. This software is an essential tool to expand your market prospects, giving you the possibility to create customer files, forms and qualification files. Web scraping or data mining can also be extended to other areas or sites according to your business needs. Our strengths: new customers will always have up-to-date information captured from official directories in real time.

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Features Collection of complete contact details, including first name, surname, address and multiple telephone numbers. The software captures contact information from the yellow and white pages and web directories of various countries. Our software is compatible with CRM and call automation software. Ability to search from a list of names, streets, or activities. Pause and resume downloading. Export to Excel or CSV format. Anti-blacklist system.

The yellow version records the email address of each contact as it is present on the company card in the professional directory. It then updates email addresses not found, from the websites of companies that have one. Data mining can also be extended to other domains or websites depending on your objectives. IQUALIF is the essential tool to obtain the complete contact details of residents or companies in a city and to filter them according to specific criteria.

Yellow and White pages extractor: new edition Simplified interface and optimized speed for professionals Click here to download and try our software for FREE Our strengths: Your search will always be up-to-data as it is captured in real-time from directories or other sites. In addition, our solutions can extract up to 20, files per hour.

Would you like a product that is better adapted to your needs? Or are you looking for a software capable of extracting information from web pages, forums, or specialized search sites?

Our commitment To provide our customers with high-performance tools of superior quality compared to those already on the market. Simple, fast, efficient, and reliable for file qualification. Benefit from our free trial and find each country in the download area. Our solution is the ideal way to start increasing your prospect conversion rate. As a professional, you need high-quality results in a short period of time.

For these reasons, we have adapted Iqualif CPE to your needs. A simple and functional tool that will meet your requirements. News: Our objectives: improve, simplify, standardize Adding features to facilitate the ongoing work of professionals and call centers. New extraction module for yellow and white pages. New version to retrieve even more records. Automatic enrichment of the address list. New ad extraction software released. New installer for professionals released.

An HTTP query plugin has been integrated. Adding import from a file that allows using a postcode, city, street, or custom fields list. A dashboard allowing to launch several machines simultaneously with a single interface is now available. Simplified search filter by department and activity. Iqualif CPE is fast and practical. Download qualified prospect file with email included. Commercial prospect file. B2B reorganization software. Application compatible with CRM and telephone switchboards.

List companies. B2B development tools. Export contacts. Export numbers and addresses, and even civility stats. Construction industry database. Extract companies. Create a database. Review official items and tests. Content in the download area.

Input modes. Obtain or remove, load. Get translation. Add or provide, refresh. Capture website easily. Intuitive professional data collection. Popular web scraper. Attractive and easy-to-use screen scraping. Refined file capturing. Directory, advertisement, and web page extractor. Correction of browser mode display. Automatic SQL export module. Simplified interface, optimization of client-server exchanges. Improved logistics to guarantee a constant quality of service QoS.

Mail extraction included for companies. Filters the average age and individual or collective houses Refined deduplication and full filtering options added. New software in Venezuela, Panama, Colombia, St. Lucia, and West Indies in the Caribbean. Commercial canvassing displayed from the directory.

Updated solutions in Korea, China, Thailand, Japan. Extract individuals and register them in CSV. Form to select the number of inhabitants in India, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia. B2C operation. Special prospecting file. B2C campaign. Reference customers loaded. Acquisition of the best-quality resident files.

Creating enriched or standardized prospect lists. Script publishing and program for Macs. Have a dedicated platform. Simplify interactions. User manager with whitelist button.


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